Recycling and waste - council flats and estates

Rubbish and recycling collections

If you live in a blocks of flats you should have access to communal recycling bins and most have access to food waste containers.

Your recycling service is mixed, easy to use and you can recycle more materials than ever before. You do not need to sort your recycling materials using different recycling bins.

Fly-tipping on council estates

Fly-tipping is rubbish that is illegally dumped on land without permission from landowners. It is an arrestable offence, it looks unsightly and this can harm investment in an area. It also costs the taxpayer money.


Report fly-tipping on a council estate now


If you witness someone fly-tipping, please follow this advice:


  • Do not confront suspects
  • Evidence must be neutral to help us secure a conviction so please do not post evidence (including addresses and pictures) on social media. If it is posted online it can't be used and we won't be able to take the case further
  • Please complete our online fly-tipping on a council estate form or email any evidence to
  • Please do not try to rummage through the waste yourself to look for evidence as there may be hazardous or sharp items hidden among the waste.

Please be reassured that any information supplied in connection to a fly-tipping incident is treated in strictest confidence.

Fly-tipping on public land