Abandoned vehicles

Brent Council keeps an eye out for abandoned vehicles in our neighbourhoods. 

Tenants should be aware that it is a breach of tenancy to abandon a vehicle.

Report an abandoned vehicle

An abandoned vehicle will be removed if it is causing a public nuisance, is untaxed or if it has not been removed by the owner for a specified length of time.

Report it online

Report it online

Abandoned vehicle on
a council estate
Abandoned vehicle on
open land, highways and roads

What we will do

What will happen? Who will do it? When will it be be done?
Report to be sent to Brent Council  Estate Inspector  48 hours
Visit carried with assessment and pictures  Brent Council  Five working days
DVLA checks requested  Brent Council  One week
Registered Keeper located letter to remove vehicle  Brent Council  15 days notice
No registered keeper located – vehicle is stickered  Brent Council  15 days notice
 Vehicle removed  Brent Council  Within seven days


Any vehicle found to be in a dangerous state i.e. burnt out or all window broken will be removed within 24 hours of report.

Off the road vehicles (SORN notice)

This notice is only relevant on keeper own land/property i.e. driveway. This does not apply to communal areas therefore vehicles will be treated as abandoned.