Travellers’ site comes back in-house to Brent Council


The Travellers’ Site in Lynton Close came back in-house to Brent Council on 1 April 2018. The site was previously managed by Oxfordshire City Council on behalf of Brent Housing Management.

The new arrangement will see a £500k dedicated improvement programme for the site which will include refurbishing kitchens and bathrooms and implementing fire safety measures over the next 12 months.

The other benefits will be:

  • Access to integrated services including access to the council’s repairs services
  • Better value for money for residents
  • Improved engagement with residents pertaining to delivery of local services and wider community activities   
  • Reduced rent levels

Troy Francis, Head of Customer Service and Housing Management said: “We are pleased to welcome back residents of Lynton Close. To start with, we will be involving them in the development in the new service offer. We are looking forward to nurturing a productive and fruitful relationship.”  

The refurbishment works are due to begin in mid-May.