Meet the new Lead Member for Housing at 'Talkback'


The next Talkback forum for council tenants and leaseholders will be taking place on Wednesday 25 July at Brent Civic Centre from 5.30pm to 8.30pm.

The theme for this forum will be: ‘Meet our new Lead Member for Housing & Welfare Reform, and learn more about our new customer standards’

Come and meet the new Lead Member for Housing and Welfare Reform, Councillor Southwood and the new housing senior management team and talk to them about:

  • How can we keep you better informed
  • What is important to you about where you live

You will also have the opportunity to hear about our new service offer and new resident engagement model, along with meeting housing management staff and contractors. Please come along and talk to us about repairs, anti-social behaviour, rent, leasehold, estate services or anything you like.

Find out more:
Phone: 020 8937 2400

For directions to the civic centre, please visit the Brent Council website.

Light refreshments will be provided.