Don’t become a victim of bogus callers


Some criminals trick their way into homes so that they can steal or do harm. This simple guide may help you avoid this problem.

What you should do?

  • Use a door chain and spy hole if you have one
  • Ask callers for their identity card
  • Refuse entry to a stranger or someone you are not sure of
  • Call the police if you are not sure about the claims of someone calling at the door

What you shouldn't do?

  • Allow anyone into your home if you are not happy about them
  • Believe that someone is an official without the proper identification
  • Part with cash on the promise that work will be done in the future
  • Keep more money in the house than you need.

Always check ID

Always check that officials visiting your home are genuine.

Visiting Brent Council officers and our contractors will be able to show you their identification. They will also be happy to wait while you check their ID. Make sure you ask to see it before you allow anyone into your property. If they refuse or you are unhappy with what you are shown, please contact the Housing Management Customer Response Team on 020 8937 2400.

Fraudulent or suspicious calls should be reported using National Action Fraud.

If you feel threatened in any way, please call the police on 999. Remember, a genuine caller will never mind you taking precautions.

Further information