Cash reward for recycling efforts in Wembley


A residents' association from Wembley is cashing in after winning £250 thanks their ‘outstanding’ efforts in boosting recycling and cutting general waste in their block.

Station Grove Residents Association in Wembley was awarded the money thanks their efforts in boosting recycling and cutting general waste in their blocks.Cheque presentation

The competition is run in partnership between Brent Council, Brent Housing Partnership (BHP) and Veolia to encourage residents on the borough’s estates to recycle more and to reduce waste going to landfill sites.

The prize money is provided by Veolia for an estate who can demonstrate the largest increase in recycling at their block; including their food waste.

Daniel Bessong, Chair of the Station Grove Residents’ Association, said: “We are very honoured and pleased that all our hard work has paid off. We intend to continue our hard work so that next year we can win again. This money will help us purchase equipment such as litter pickers and help us keep our estate cleaner.”

Veolia manager Darren Harding said: “This is a fantastic effort from the residents of Station Grove and we at Veolia are looking forward to continue relationships with local residents and Brent partnerships.”

Hakeem Osinaike. BHP’s Interim Managing Director said: “Well done to the residents of Station Grove for their recycling efforts. They have shown that they have pride in where they live and the sustainment of their environment. They have shown what is possible when communities come together.”

You can view the full interview with Daniel Bessong by clicking on the following link.