Award winning architect designs for Brent


Gurmeet Sian, award winning architect and star of BBC's The 100K House: Tricks of the Trade, is the lead designer for Brent Council’s ‘New Accommodation Independent Living’ (NAIL) programme.

The first NAIL project Gurmeet delivered was a home in Wembley which now houses six residents. He has recently begun work on his new project to redesign up to 16 homes across Brent which will provide high quality accommodation for 80 vulnerable people from summer onwards.

The NAIL programme enables people with high care and support needs to live more independently in the community. There will be 700 new units of accommodation delivered as an alternative to residential and nursing care by the end of 2021/22.

Gurmeet has a rich background working on similar schemes for communities in the UK and abroad, and has won and been shortlisted for many awards including the Camden Design Awards 2017.

Gurmeet said: “I always try to design from a community perspective, so it is a great opportunity for me to be involved with Brent Council delivering social housing.

“Although each development with Brent has a different challenge, they all follow the same principles. We are committed to creating a warm environment through our design and are not creating 'institutional housing'. We add an element of individuality to the rooms, making the kitchen space attractive and welcoming, the bedrooms have ensuite bathrooms and are all unique.”

Gurmeet is very committed to the NAIL schemes and does not have any plans for more television work at present. He said: “I really enjoyed my involvement on BBC's Tricks of the Trade. I may consider some more TV work in the future if the right project comes along. However, at the moment, my plans are to concentrate on these NAIL projects to make them the best that they can be.”

The NAIL programme aims to reduce the council’s use of traditional residential and nursing care homes, thus achieving savings of £7.5m per year by 2021/22. The homes are being delivered by Brent Housing and the Brent Council Adult Social Care Team.

Read the full interview in Your Voice Print Edition (Spring 2018), due out in the first week of March.