Switch to Smart Metering

We are changing in the way in which First Wave Housing tenants pay for your heating and hot water.

The previous system involves you being billed for heating and hot water by ENGIE (formerly known as Energy Switch2). We are changing this due to the fact that the battery life of your meter is coming to an end, and as time goes on the meters will no longer be effective.

In order for you to continue to be supplied with heating and hot water a smart meter will be installed at your home. Having a smart meter allows you to pay as you go, so you will only be paying for the heating and hot water that you actually use. Once installed there will be various convenient ways for you to pay for your heating and hot water. You will be able to use Pay Point, Direct Debit, online, cash, or debit/credit card or cash at a local outlet. If you currently have a debt with Switch2, this will be recovered when you top up your meter at the rate of 4%, therefore, for every £10 you top up £4 will go towards clearing the debt you have with Switch2.

First Wave Housing is working together with Oakray in order for this change to be rolled out with the least possible disruption to you. We will begin having the meters installed week beginning Monday 8 May 2017. You will therefore be required to arrange access for one day, the date of which you will be notified at a later date.

If you have any questions about the switch over please contact us on 020 8937 2405.