About your rent

Brent Council is responsible for setting the level of your rent. Your rent is based on government guidelines and policies, taking into account the value of your home and the average income for your area.

Net rent

This is the basic rent you pay. All council homes in the borough have been given a value which is based on the amount it would have cost to purchase the property in January 1999. The higher the value of your property the higher the amount of rent you will pay.


If you have rent arrears you will also have to pay an agreed amount of the arrears.

Service charges

These are additional charges for facilities shared by residents in your block or on your estate such as:

  • Communal cleaning
  • Grounds maintenance
  • Communal lightning
  • TV aerial
  • A concierge (if you have one)

Water rates

Brent Council pays the water company, as an agent, on your behalf and these charges are added to your rent. These are adjusted yearly if the water company increases or decreases their charges.

Heating/hot water

These costs are for district heating where a boiler is shared with other households.

Insurance (optional)

The Council runs a scheme, as an agent on behalf of the insurance company, where you can pay insurance for the contents of your home. This amount will be included in your weekly rent.

Garages (optional)

You may rent a Council-owned garage for your own use. The charges for non-residents are inclusive of a VAT charge of 20%. There is a discount for disabled people.

Can I get help with paying my rent?

Tenants on low incomes can apply for Housing Benefit for their net rent and certain service charges.


Apply for Housing Benefit with My Account


Items which may be added to your rent, but not covered by Housing Benefit, include:


  • A heating charge providing you have a council-supplied heating system in your property. These systems usually provide hot water and heating
  • Water charges. These pay for the supply of water and the council collects them on behalf of your local water company as an agent
  • Voluntary charges e.g. insurance and garage rental.