Downsizing and underoccupying

Many of Brent Council's are living in properties that are too big for them. This means that energy and maintenance costs are probably very high. It also means that we are not able to adequately house those families that need family sized accommodation. If this is you, why not consider moving somewhere smaller?

Cash to downsize

If you register for a downsizing move you will be granted a category ’A’ banding, which is the highest priority for anyone wishing to transfer and you will also be entitled to a financial incentive.

The Council currently pays £2000 per bedroom that you downsize by, up to a maximum of £6000. Therefore if you moved from a 3 bedroom property to a one bedroom property you would be entitled to an incentive payment of £4000.

Free removals

If you move within Brent you will be entitled to free removals. If you move outside of Brent we will pay up to a maximum of £500 upon receipt of a valid VAT registered invoice.

If you are currently affected by the ‘Bedroom Tax’ your housing benefit entitlement has been reduced. If you move to smaller accommodation this reduction will no longer apply therefore reducing your outgoings.

Further information

If you would like to downsize or require further information please contact the Tenancy Team on 020 9372424 or the Financial Inclusion Team on 020 8937 2790.