Looking to move

At some point you may want to move home. There are a few options that you can consider when you are thinking of moving.

Apply for a transfer

If you are a council tenant and want to move then it will depend on your circumstances. You will only be allowed to join the housing register if you qualify under the housing allocations policy and fall under one of the new band criteria.

Mutual exchange

All secure tenants have a legal right to swap homes with another tenant either within the same borough or elsewhere in the country.

Downsizing and underoccupying

Brent Council offers incentive payments to tenants who wish to downsize. The current incentive payment is £2000 per bedroom tenants downsize by, up to a maximum of £6000. Therefore if a tenant moves from a three bed property to a one bed property they would be entitled to a payment of £4000. They would also be entitled to free removals within Brent, or a maximum of £500 towards removals outside of Brent.

Social Housing Mobility Scheme

This new scheme aims to encourage mobility amongst tenants who do not qualify for a move under the council’s normal waiting list. These tenants will now have an opportunity to move to another Brent council property of the same size that is closer to their employment. The scheme is also aimed at tenants who give or receive care and want to move closer to this location.