Buying my home (Right to Buy)

If you are a secure tenant and you have been a council or social housing tenant for three years or more, you may have the Right to Buy your council home. The three years can be built up over time using a number of tenancies and with gaps in between.

Am I eligible for Right to Buy?

Buying a flat

If you live in a a flat and you decide to buy it then you will become a leaseholder. More information can be found by clicking on the following link.

Buying a house

If you live in a house and you decide to buy it, you will become a freeholder. This means that you buy your house and the land it's built on and you will be entirely responsible for your home, including all repairs and maintenance.

Make an application

When you make an application please make sure your provide the following if possible:

  • A photocopy of passport/driving license 

Should there be additional people on the application form who are not tenants please attach in addition the following documents. Failure to do so could lead to them being denied the Right to Buy.

  • Photocopy of passport(s)/driving license(s) 
  • Bank statements or gas/electric/mobile bills covering 12 months before the date you submit the application form.

Make a Right to Buy application

Important information Please note while an application for the Right to Buy is active, no repairs or works are to be carried out unless classed as emergency.

How much discount can I get?

Properties are valued at current market price. It is advised that you arrange for an estimate before you apply so that you can make an informed decision based on your finances as to whether you can afford to proceed. This can be obtained online through a number of property websites or through your local estate agent.


The current maximum discount is £103,900.00. This is dependent on the tenant’s years of tenancy and the value of the property.


  House Flat
5 years (being the current minimum required years to claim for a Right to Buy) 35% 50%
 Every year(s) thereafter is calculated  @1%  @2%
 Maximum  70%  70%


Whatever the percentage it cannot exceed the maximum discount, which is currently £103,900.00.

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Support from family members

Family members who are not classed as "tenants” can support you financially in your Right to Buy application. This is on the condition is that the family member is currently living in the property for 12 months and not registered at any other property.


Please note although a family member’s name might appear on the tenancy agreement, it doesn't mean that that person is classed as a "tenant". For clarification with regards to this please contact your Housing Officer for confirmation.


Only the named tenant(s) have the right as a secure public sector tenant to claim for the Right to Buy. Anyone else residing at the property who are not classed as "tenant(s)" would have no such rights.


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