Charges for major work

Brent Council must consult leaseholders before we carry out any major work or improvements to your block and before we enter into a long-term contract for providing services.

Consultation and Section 20

We will serve you with a legal notice called a Section-20 notice, giving you a brief description of the work, an estimated cost to your block or building, and the unit cost.


We must consult you if we are planning to carry out any work which will cost £250 or more for each individual property.


In an emergency or in circumstances beyond our control, when we do not have time to consult either the leaseholders or their representatives, we may still charge you for the cost of the work. For example, the collapse of a roof or chimney, falling masonry, or a burst water main. In order to do this we will seek dispensation from the First Tier Property Tribunal and inform you of their decision.


Check for consultation events


Brent Council will generally send you an invoice twelve to eighteen months after we have completed the work. There are various payment options available for paying for major works invoices:

  • Payment within 28 days in order to receive a 5% discount.
  • Payment interest free over 12 months for invoices less than £1,000.
  • Payment interest free over 24 months for invoices over £1,000.

Payment trough a loan of three to 10 years (please be aware that interest is applicable on all loans, please contact the Leasehold Management Team for further information).

How to pay for major work