Housing Management performance

Brent Council's services for tenant and leaseholders are regulated by the Homes and Communities Agency which sets out the framework outlining the standards required from all social housing operators.

How do we measure performance?

We have laid out our key performance indicators to show how we aim to meet these standards.


Our performance indicators and targets are based on best practice among our industry peers and local performance monitoring.

How are we currently performing?

Until October 2017, housing services for tenants and leaseholders were managed by Brent Housing Partnership (BHP). These services have now been brought back in-house and are managed directly by Brent Council.


Brent Council


Performance figures to follow.


Brent Housing Partnership (until October 2017)

Resident Satisfaction Survey

One of the best ways for us to find out whether we are getting things right is to measure your satisfaction with key services which we provide.


Our main method of doing this through quarterly satisfactions surveys of our residents. This survey includes all Brent Council tenants and leaseholders and First Wave residents. Surveys are carried out by telephone by an independent market research company called BMG Research.


Each quarter BMG Research contact 600 residents and asks them about 20 questions covering different aspects of our service. The questions asked are chosen to best inform on aspects of the Council's delivery plan for residents. Your responses will help influence the Council's future decisions. Results from these questions can also be benchmarked against other social housing providers to ensure Brent Council is constantly driving services forward and supporting our residents.


BMG Research picks the residents they call at random from a list of current tenants and leaseholders. The Council will never be told who is called unless residents specifically ask to be contacted, that way your answers are entirely anonymous. However separate from the completed surveys BMG Research do keep a list of the residents who have taken part so they do not call them again within the same year.

Further information

If you have any questions or comments about these reports, please contact us.